About Us

Alan Megargle and Jesse Morgan began producing video content in 2010 under the name Fathom Frontiers. Their content mostly consited of episodes that featured the beginings of their Bigfoot endeavors where they explored areas in Ohio in search of Sasquatch. Though they no longer provide new content to this channel, their old YouTube channel is still avalable here: FATHOM FRONTIERS.

In 2015 Alan and Jesse produced their first documentary, MINERVA MONSTER, under the production company name Twisted Tree Productions. The film featured a collection of interviews from witnesses who saw Bigfoot in and around the town of Minerva, Ohio in the 1970s.

In 2017 Alan and Jesse produced the documnetary THE BACK 80 which follows Suzanne's journey from Bigfoot sighting to acceptance that these creatures were near here home. Using a more "horror" vibe, The Back 80 looks at the emotional and mental toll having a Bigfoot sighting can take and how it can change lives.

At the end of 2017 the duo began producing a paranormal series called TRAILS TO THE UNKNOWN. After filming the Helltown episode Alan relocated from Ohio to Colorado. This split up the film making team and created a two year delay in production. Eventually, in 2019, Jesse followed Alan to Colorado and production resumed. In 2020 season one of Trails to the Unknown debuted on Amazon Prime Video.

In 2022, the now renamed Twited Tree Films began production of three films - Spiritual Bigfoot, Behind the Painted Door & [Extra]Terrestrial. SPIRITUAL BIGFOOT was released in January of 2023 on Amazon Prime Video and follows Alan's personal journey of Bigfoot experiences.

Also in 2022, Alan and Jesse launched a new YouTube channel called NATIONAL PARANORMAL NETWORK. NPN was created to be the online video home to Trails to the Unknown & Twisted Tree Films and features original content with the Trails team. They have also released some of their films on the channel and created a couple of other original shows.

Currently In Production

  •   Trails to the Unknown: Season Two
  •   A Haunting in Blue Hill
  •   [Extra]Terrestrial